Is the Impossible Burger Healthy?

My sister and I were recently talking about the Impossible Burger and if it’s really healthier for you. On a side note, who comes up with these names? If it’s Impossible why can you eat it? If you don’t know what the Impossible Burger is, it’s a trendy plant-based burger that’s marketed as tasting like meat, looking like meat, but being healthier for you than meat.

Will the Impossible Burger Help You Lose Weight?

The Impossible Burger is made primarily from wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, and heme plus some other ingredients. I did some research and “heme” is what’s supposed to give it the look and taste of meat.

Naturally occurring heme comes from meat. “Heme” in the Impossible Burger comes from the fermentation of a genetically modified yeast.  The type of “heme” in the Impossible Burger hasn’t been tested for weight loss, heart disease prevention, etc. in humans. It’s not required to be to be sold.  

The Impossible Burger has more saturated fat than a few other popular burgers. It has 10 grams of saturated fat, in comparison, a Shake Shack single hamburger has 9 grams of saturated fat, an In-N-Out hamburger w/onion has 5 grams of saturated fat, and a McDonald’s single hamburger has 3 grams of saturated fat.

Obviously, if you usually add cheese or sauces to your burger that can increase the amount of saturated fat in it. For weight loss, you shouldn’t switch from the type of burger you’re eating now to the Impossible Burger. It’s better to make healthy changes to the type of burger you’re already eating.

Which Burger is Best for Weight Loss?

Moving on to other types of burgers. If it’s not a cheat meal, your best option for weight loss is the burger that has the lowest amount of unhealthy saturated fat in it. That’s usually going to be black bean burgers or grilled chicken, grilled turkey or grilled fish burgers. 

This is assuming they’re cooked the same way. It’s best for losing weight if your burger is grilled versus seared or fried. This is because grilled is usually lower in saturated fat than seared or fried.

Grilled chicken, grilled turkey, and grilled fish burgers will usually have more protein, and black bean burgers will usually have more healthy carbs. Lamb and beef are generally the highest in saturated fat, so they’re the least likely type of burger to help you lose weight.

Losing the Bun

Besides the burger patty, the other important thing for losing weight is losing the bun. A lot of burger places give you the option to order your burger wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun. If you’re able to do this, that’s great.

Personally, I found it easier to order the burger with the bun and then eat it with a fork and knife and gradually eat less and less of the bun every time I order the burger. This way you can work your way up to not eating the bun.

What About Fries?

I’m not recommending a no-carb diet. I’m assuming you ordered fries or potato chips on the side. The amount of fries or potato chips you eat should take up 25% or less of your plate or meal because they’re higher glycemic index foods and won’t help you lose weight.

And always include as many vegetable toppings (except for corn and potatoes) on your burger as possible. This will help because they’re filling and don’t add unhealthy carbs and unhealthy fats to your meal.

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