How To Lose Weight After a Vacation

Did going on vacation derail all your efforts to lose weight? Did it kick you out of your healthy eating routine or out of your regular gym schedule?

Here’s how to get back on track:

    1. Pick one thing to focus on first.
      • If you’re trying to lose weight start with eating healthy, it will have more of an impact on losing weight than exercising.
      • Then add exercising back after you’re making progress on eating healthy.
    2.  Set realistic expectations.
      • In the beginning, it’s going to be hard especially if you’ve always had trouble recovering from vacation eating.
      • You can’t go from eating 0% healthy meals while on vacation to eating 100% healthy meals the first week you get back if you’ve never done it before. But over time you’ll be able to bounce back into eating healthy after every vacation more easily.
    3. Break it down into pieces.
      • Identify what you think is the #1 thing that is keeping you from getting back into healthy eating.
      • If you don’t know, try talking about it with a friend or coworker and see if they can help you figure out where you’re getting stuck.
      • For example, let’s say you can’t convince yourself to eat healthy again for any meal because you just don’t feel like it. Try eating healthy for just for one meal just one day a week; then every week add an additional healthy meal, this way it won’t seem overwhelming.
    4. Don’t get frustrated
      • Don’t get frustrated and go on a crazy crash diet that will work this month but will be hard to maintain long term. Short term you want to look hot for your office holiday party or New Year’s Eve, but long term you want to look hot for the rest of your life.
      • J. Lo is 48 years old, and she looks as hot as she did when she was 28 years old, we all want this. This means you have to make changes that you can maintain long term.
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